Just Being Me - Album
Essentially, the history of British soul music is a long story about the search for identity. With his third album, Just Being Me, Ghana-born singer and songwriter Myles Sanko adds an essential chapter to this eventful journey. Featuring eleven new compositions, Just Being Me explores the inner self and transcends stylistic borders. With its rich instrumentation and colourful arrangement, it speaks out as loud as a proper soul album should.
My Role - Director - Co-Producer -Cinematographer
With a limited time and budget, I co-produced ‘Just Being Me’ alongside producer Antonis. From the beginning, I had the idea to use the part of cinematography technique in various locations to achieve the artist’s desired look.
After testing the idea and suggesting the key location, the team of myself, the co-producer and the artist filmed in 25 different locations over two days. While shooting I was responsible for the cinematic imagery and behind the scenes.
The production and post-production were finalised in 4 days. The video created a record of views and was well received by the viewers. It was shown on various music and TV channels.
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